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Holly and Hugo is Joining International Open Academy (IOA)!Updated 5 months ago

We're thrilled to share some exciting news with you! Holly and Hugo is now officially part of the International Open Academy (IOA), a renowned player in the education scene for over a decade, boasting millions of happy learners worldwide. This collaboration brings forth an array of enhancements for you, including a broader selection of courses, top-tier accreditation services, and an even more remarkable learning journey.

What Does This Mean for You?

Your Holly and Hugo learning experience is about to get even better as we seamlessly transition to IOA. Brace yourself for an upgraded experience, featuring new courses to explore, the ability to continue excelling in your current ones, easy progress tracking, certificate collection, and the opportunity to earn even more.

Action Steps: Easy as 1-2-3!

Getting started with the transition is a breeze. Here's your simple to-do list:

  1. Head to Your Holly and Hugo Virtual Campus: Visit your usual virtual campus location.
  2. Embrace the Message to Hop Over to IOA: Look out for the notification guiding you to make the switch.
  3. Register on IOA: Complete the registration process on the International Open Academy platform.

Need Help or Have Questions?

For any questions or concerns, our support team at IOA Support is ready to help – we've got your back! You can email [email protected].

Exciting Times Ahead!

We're excited to continue supporting your learning journey with IOA.

Cheers to your continued success!

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